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New Era: Fresh Opportunity to Further Deepening International Oil and Gas Trade Cooperation.

With the support of the Ministry of Commerce (MOFCOM) and Shanghai Municipal Government (SMG), the Trade Development Bureau (TDB) of MOFCOM host the 7th China International Oil and Gas Trade Congress (CIOGTC) from 9th to 10th November, 2018, in Shanghai. Mr. Wang Bingnan, the Vice Minister of Ministry of Commerce, and Mr. Wu Qing, Vice Mayor of Shanghai Municipal People’s Government, as well as Executives from International Energy Agency, China National Petroleum Corporation, China Petrochemical Corporation, China National Offshore Oil Corporation, Sinochem Group and Shanghai Futures Exchange attended the opening ceremony and gave keynote speeches. Mr. Wu Zhengping, the Director General of the Trade Development Bureau of Ministry of Commerce host the conference.

The 7th China International Oil and Gas Trade Congress was held during the First China International Import Expo. Nearly 300 participants from world-renowned oil companies, trade and shipping companies, financial and information institutions and academic research institutions from 16 countries and regions participated. As an important supporting activity of the Import Expo, CIOGTC has enriched the home-field diplomatic effect of the Import Expo and further enhanced its popularity and influence.

From the Content Setting and the Form of Meeting, The 7th CIOGTC deepened discussion issues and promoted innovation. It focused on the theme of “New Era: Fresh Opportunity to Further Deepening International Oil and Gas Trade Cooperation”. In-depth exchanges were held on four panel topics: “On Deepening Asia-Pacific Gas Trade Cooperation”, “New Hot Spots in Oil and Gas Trade”, “Oil & Gas Trade Upgrading Driven by Digital Innovation” and “Forecast of Oil Market Price Trend”. In its form, in order to highlight the internationalization characteristics, the Conference invited Shanghai Futures Exchange, China Aviation Oil Group, International Energy Agency, Shandong Petrochemicals & Energy Group, China International United Petroleum & Chemicals Corporation and Shell International Eastern Trading Company to organize four matching Parallel Events: “How does Crude Futures Serve the Real Economy”, “New Era, New Opportunities: Innovation Drives Development, Cooperation Promotes Win-Win”, “The Future of Petrochemicals” and “The Fuse of Development Opportunities and Explorations of ‘National Enterprises, Private Enterprises, International Enterprises’ Under the Future New Pattern”. Besides, the 7th CIOGTC succeeded the mode of integrating forum with exhibition, to show the image and elegance of China’s oil enterprises.

It is reported that as the first international summit of oil and gas trade in China, the Congress has attracted more than 30 countries and regions and more than 2,000 representatives of well-known oil and gas trading enterprises from home and abroad. Representatives of domestic and foreign oil and gas industry upstream and downstream enterprises and oil and gas industry-related information, finance and other institutions have also expressed their concern about the conference.

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